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Foundation Installation

The most important factor in Constructing a building is your base. No construction is more powerful than the foundation on which it stands. For all your base needs in the Amarillo area, you must call Amarillo Concrete Works, a licensed and insured concrete company with years of experience with residential and business foundation construction and concrete repair. Whether you are constructing a new property or adding to or fixing an already existing one, we have the specialists you want to be certain that the job is completed quickly and efficiently so that you do not need to fret about the base of your structure over its lifespan.span.

Type of Comercial Foundations 

Most commercial property foundations are either Slab-on-grade, slab-on-pilings, or T-shaped foundations depending on the size of the structure, the design, and also the area where it resides. Amarillo Concrete Works will meet you and your contractor to determine the best foundation for your building and get the right to work making your plans a reality.

We’re specialists in all types of concrete services including drives, steps, and parking lots. So, if you are looking to design and construct a commercial real estate in the Amarillo area, we are your one-stop-shop for all your concrete job.

Type of Residential Foundations

Residential structures are usually built on slab-on-grade foundations. Slab-on-grade means that after a moisture barrier is set up over the prepped floor, your concrete firm pops the base in one continuous piece, filling in the entire square footage of their house. The company will also create incorporated footings around the perimeter with thick borders into the concrete and put in rebar and steel mesh to protect the concrete slab out of damage or cracks in the future. While slab-on-grade foundations are the most well-known types for houses in our area, customers may also choose a slab-on-pilings base if they assemble their homes off of the ground.

You can count on Amarillo Concrete Works to give you solid advice and do the job correctly. We treat every project as though it were our very own, and we value each of our customers as if they were household. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote. And don’t forget that if you hire us to perform your foundation, we can also handle all your other concrete flatwork such as walkways, drives, patios, and decks.

Why add concrete retaining walls?

Even in a Place like Amarillo, Homeowners and commercial property owners can discover many uses for concrete retaining walls. Maintaining walls are excellent tools utilized to maintain away water from the structural foundations of buildings, but they’re also utilized to even out a piece of property, producing your property easier to maintain. Retaining walls are also great ways to incorporate planting beds on your own house to make gardens that look great but retain water properly, keeping moisture where it ought to be. And retaining walls can also bring a new degree of design to your home. Amarillo Concrete Works can create retaining walls in a wide variety of textures, colors, and designs to fit the look of any house and also to bring an added element of design. Contact us today to see what we can do for you

Concrete Steps 

Amarillo Concrete Works offers installation of concrete measures in Standard, pre-poured measurements. But, property owners can also choose steps which are poured on-site and completely customizable, creating a unique style for the house. Concrete steps are traditionally much cheaper than installing wood, tile, stone, or brick steps but can be colored and stamped to look like these materials without the added expense and upkeep they frequently demand.

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